Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & M.E.

Learn to manage your illness and move forward.

What is Chronic Illness?

Chronic diseases are defined broadly as conditions that last 1 year or more and require ongoing medical attention or limit activities of daily living or both.

I have been unfortunate to suffer with M.E. / chronic fatigue syndrome for 16 years so I have a great deal of experience in managing chronic illness and all it's ensuing issues. M.E. is a fatigue illness with no visual indications so I look completely healthy. It's what is referred to as an 'invisible illness'. Like M.E, many other long term illnesses also cause chronic fatigue syndrome.  

Chronic illness can bring its own challenges; not just the illness itself -

  • A feeling of isolation.

  • Being misunderstood.

  • A sense that life is passing you by.

  • Losing friends.

  • Losing relationships.

  • Friends and loved ones fail to understand the condition.

  • Being told to "snap out of it."

  • Being overwhelmed by your diagnosis and prognosis.

  • Weight gain


I have experienced all of those things and more. It is a conflicting time and family and friends, however well meaning, do not always help.

Over the past years I have grieved for my old life, I have been depressed, I have thought that I'd never get better, I have been stuck in one room for three years, I have suffered from anxiety BUT I have also found a way through. I have reinvented myself, I have taken control of my anxiety and I have recovered.

I can help you to do the same; to accept what has happened to you and to start to move through it. I will teach you coping techniques, how to explain your condition to your friends and maybe most importantly, how to say no to people.

If you are bedbound, house bound or even on the road to recovery, and would like a positive influence in your life to help you get through, then please contact me. I have wide experience of M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I also can help those with other fatigue illness such as Fibromyalgia.

I am hugely passionate about helping those who find themselves in a similar position to what I was.

In person

The best way for us to conduct your sessions is face to face.

Via Zoom

If you live far away then we can connect via Zoom - so long as you don't mind my cats joining in!


As a fatigue illness sufferer, you might not feel up to meeting in person or via Zoom so I can send you information and advice vis email for you to read at your own pace.

Via messaging

Messaging is an alternative to email if you don't feel up to chatting. What's App works best.

Don't Worry!

I know what you're thinking!! You're thinking that you've looked at how I work and that there is no way on this earth that you have the energy for a one hour session, let alone the one and a half initial consultation.

It's ok!! I know that worry. We will work within your limitations.

If you can only manage 10 minutes, then that's what we will do. I do not want your getting help to cause you more anxiety. Maybe we will connect via Zoom, or maybe, if you're close by we can meet very briefly.

Alternatively, if you think that you couldn't manage even that, I am happy to offer advice via email. You can read and digest the information at your own pace and replay whenever you feel up to it. Whatever the circumstances, we will work it out and get you in a better frame of mind to move forward.