Meet Anna

Certified Life Coach & Meditation Expert

Recovering M.E. / C.F.S Sufferer

My name is Anna. I am from South East England and I am emerging from the chronic illness, M.E. I first became ill 16 years ago and for the first two years was bed bound and then house bound until a couple of years ago when I began to recover enough to drive and get some of my previous life back. Before I got ill I was working with horses; training them and helping with behavioural problems. I also had a dog walking business which is now run by a friend and still going strong.
During those 16 years of illness, I have learnt a lot about coping strategies, meditation and how to reinvent one’s self. It is not an understatement to say that I have been to hell and come out the other side.
This illness has left me with a strong desire to help others and to pass on the lessons and wisdom that I have learnt.

A life coach in Chalfont St. Peter

Why should you trust me rather than one of the large organisations out there?

During my chronic fatigue illness I have taken the opportunity to train as a life coach and a mindfulness practitioner, but more importantly than that, I have had 16 years of training in coping with chronic illness, managing anxiety and in meditation and mindfulness practice. As well as that I have had to learn to eat well to support my body in its healing process, and to maintain a healthy weight whilst being bed and house bound.

And maybe, most importantly of all, when you book a session with Dharma Life Coaching, you will see me and only me. I don't have anyone working for me so you can rest assured that I will conduct all your sessions and we will be able to build a relationship.

Other things about me that you might like to know - 

I love cats, horses and cars. Cats mean so much to me that I also have a cat sitting business, Chalfont Pet Sitters. During my illness I designed semi-precious jewellery and sold it online in order to make some money. I was on benefits for a while during my worst time but I hated it and couldn't wait to come off them and earn my own money. I have a strong work ethic and hate to be sitting around feeling useless.

If any of that resonates with you, then please contact me.