CFS / ME symptoms

Online, Email & In Person Life Coaching with Anna Martin

Specialist in M.E. / C.F.S.

-Reduce Stress / Anxiety
-Manage M.E. / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Other Chronic Illnesses
-Reduce M.E. / C.F.S. Symptoms

-Nutrition To Support Your Recovery
-Learn Meditation Techniques
-Advice For Carers

Certified Life Coach & Chronic Fatigue Expert

I am a certified life coach specialising in chronic illnesses especially M.E. / chronic fatigue syndrome, stress reduction, meditation, mindfulness, and healthy eating. I am based in Chalfont St. Peter in South Buckinghamshire.

Having suffered with M.E. / chronic fatigue syndrome for many years, I am passionate about helping others to find a new path through life whilst becoming happy and content. It has been a rough journey but I have come out the other side with life skills that I am keen to pass on to others and whilst I have formal qualifications, the majority of my knowledge comes from over 16 years of personal experience battling with chronic fatigue and therefore, as a housebound person, my weight. Eating healthily has been important to my recovery and wellbeing, both mental and physical.
If you would like help coping with a chronic illness, managing your anxiety, or just need someone to talk to, then please contact me.

Life coach in south buckinghamshire

Areas In Which I Specialise

Coping & Managing Chronic Illnesses especially M.E/ C.F.S.

Establish Healthy Eating Habits

To Support Your Immune System & Recovery

Anxiety Management using Mindfulness & Meditation

Stress Reduction using Meditation Techniques


Why Should You Work With Me & What Can I Offer You?

There are many areas in which I can help. Here are a few - 

  • Coping with chronic illness especially M.E. and other fatigue illnesses. Relief of C.F.S symptoms. How it affects you and the people around you.

  • Anxiety relief and management through meditation and mindfulness.

  • Stress relief. How stress affects your mental health, your physical health and your relationships.

  • Understanding which foods to eat to support your recovery.

  • Finding a good work / life balance.

  • Weight management and healthy eating for the chronically ill.

  • Finding a new direction after diagnosis.


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